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Sexuality is a vital part of each and every person’s life. In today’s world, it seems like most sexual education comes from the media instead of families or schools. Through this lens, our sexuality can easily become defined by television shows or movies instead of a healthy, realistic view. Ironically, most people have no idea that this is happening in their lives.

Reclaiming one’s sexuality is a an integral part of Chris Simon’s program. Instead of allowing messages to shape your sexuality, you can develop a healthy sexuality through exploring your sexual story, discovering how your sexuality developed, and then reshaping your sexuality to what you desire. Chris’s desires is to empower each person that he encounters to take the journey to reclaim your sexuality through exploring the shame that lies underneath.

Sexual relationships can become distorted through obsession and/or suppression, and when this happens, a key part of yourself can be flooded with shame. This shame can result in isolation from healthy relationship and a distorted view of yourself. Sexuality that is founded upon safety, trust, and mutual respect is the key to combatting this shame and fostering intimacy and connection others. Chris is dedicated to helping those struggling with sexuality and intimacy issues, so that they can one day experience a life of healthy sexuality.

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