CSAT Supervision

The International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP) provides the trainings and credentialing for Certified Sex Addiction Therapists. The training offers the best in class education on the topic of sex addiction. To learn more about the CSAT training visit their website. One can view Chris’s Supervision Bio on the IITAP website here.

A key component of the CSAT model is receiving 30 hours of supervision by a CSAT supervisor. Supervision provides an opportunity for CSAT candidates to process the knowledge learned through the modules. One of the greatest assets of the CSAT program is the amount of pertinent information, knowledge, and exercises learned. Supervision provides the safe for candidates to transform this knowledge from theoretical to practical. Therefore, the goal of supervision is the assimilation of the CSAT material with your therapeutic skills, allowing one to apply the information in the clinical setting to help clients. What’s the point of new information if one can’t use it?

Supervision Style

My supervision style emphasizes diagnosing and treatment planning sex addiction and partners. Supervision entails you bringing a case to present, conceptualizing the client, sharing a performable or two completed by the client, all with the focus for you to better understand sex addiction and supporting clients. My teaching type is conversational, not telling candidates what to do, but to encourage them to grow in your understanding of sex addiction and the CSAT model through talking through cases. 

A key component of addiction recovery is learning from peers. Group supervision allows candidates to benefit from the same group think process as their clients. Hearing other candidates present a CSAT case, process the information, discuss the client, and make treatment suggestions, aids the groups understanding of the topic.


  • Individual supervision $165 hr
  • Dyad supervision $110 hr per participant
  • Group supervision $65 hr per participant


Supervision is provided on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. One can schedule an individual, dyad, and group supervision session at Calendly.

Certifications Earned: 

IITAP SUPERVISORCertified Sex Addiction Therapist